This is it folks

This is it folks.                                                                                                  June 12, 2012

 The Event Happened: Time to Finish It!

If you want to be free of the tax man (not your income) and the banker man (usurer / mortgages / credit card debt / loans) and government debt (fines), and slave to debt.

You are the Source, the Credit for the registered birth certificate / citizenship name you use and for Canada.

We are going to put to rest the search for freedom or “the way out of the box” as I have paraphrased it.

Two steps to take to Finish It.  

Step one, extinguishing existing debts through forgiveness:

I will show you how to extinguish mortgage debt, credit card debt, and any and all other debt.

Step Two, the future:

I will show you how to make a permanent connection (bonding) of credit (you) to the artificial person (debtor / beneficiary), the legal name used in commerce. The result is that the artificial person / legal name (e.g. JOHN DOE) is forever debt free and when it is free so to are you.

The simplest way to put it is this. Imagine playing the game of monopoly but on the basis each player is the source of credit for his / her token used to play the game. On each and every occasion the token has an obligation, no matter what the obligation (purchase of home, car, railway, fine, penalty, etc); you give your credit through the game to the token (legal name) to offset its obligations. We Are One.

We have been viewing the world they way they do, as receivers of credit in the stead of as the credit. We are the source of energy / credit and the artificial entities the receiver means there are two very different perspectives. Where they see debt we should see credit.

This is non-argumentative, non belligerent, non-resistive, non-threatening, loving, make peace, no way, no how, anyone can suggest this is about wanting something for nothing or terrorism.

There are no forms to complete. No claims or Applications to make or file. No Bills of Exchange or Consumer Bills or Notes mumbo jumbo. No claims to make under Human Rights or Freedoms.

Some may be thinking – if this works why the fee? As you have unlimited creditability there is no reason to concern thyself with amounts / limitation. Free your mind.

To give you an idea of the basis of some of what we will talk about that day, I recommend you read the documents, Time to Finish It; Government is not God; Don’t do It, and Insidious. All said documents will be available on this site AFTER Wednesday June 13.

Some historical facts;

2012: I got this one second hand. A man south of the border involved in a foreclosure proceeding told the court he forgave the debt and the matter was done.

2012: I acknowledged that the government authorized the debt on VB, that I accept full responsibility and asked the Minister of Transportation to forgive VB of its debt. The debt is gone.

2011: A friend shared that his wife could not pay a credit debt and asked it be forgiven, it was.

2009: I informed a County debt collector, the Collection Unit fax some of you received, to the effect; the legislature authorized the creation of the debt, I do not hold legal title to debtor name, no authority from me to charge my credit, not my debt. If you persist criminal charges will be filed. That was the end of that.

2008: A friend got CRA off his back when he wrote, the name is a registered business name of the Province of Ontario, any and all business done in that name is done for Ontario and/or Canada and I will CONTINUE to provide my labour freely in the name on the account.

2005: A man I know and have mentioned several times signed in as the alleged tenant, indicating he is not the registered artificial person legal name, thus not the tenant/debtor and a government lawyer took charge informing the court it has no jurisdiction over this man. The man by signing in as he did said, I am not the debtor.

I know of a woman in Canada who used the SOB requesting that a court judgement be settled. It was.

2002: A criminal case against VB was dropped. We know had to do with the name.

2006: A friend posed a question to the Minister of Finance Canada in regard of a Birth Certificate issued in Ontario being a bond;

On behalf of the Minister of Finance, the Honourable James M. Flaherty, thank you for your correspondence of December 11, 2006 regarding the federal debt.

The federal debt consists of the total liabilities of the Government of Canada (gross debt) minus financial and non-financial assets.  In order to “pay down debt”, total liabilities have to decrease or total assets have to increase, or both (see page 15 of the Debt Management Report 2005-06 for the definition of the Government of Canada’s liabilities and assets).  For example, the Government of Canada could repay part of its debt by providing cash to holders of Government of Canada securities (treasury bills, bonds, etc.) that mature in the year. Conversely, debt can be offset, as you appear to suggest, by holding a financial asset such as a bond of the Government of Ontario.

The Government of Canada holds financial assets principally in the form of its international reserves, which is a portfolio of bank deposits and securities issued by foreign governments, agencies and banks.  More information concerning the federal debt can be found in the Debt Management Report 2005-06, which is available on the Department of Finance website

Thank you for contacting the Department of Finance.

NOW, before you fine folks go running off claiming this information is proof that a Birth Certificate is a bond, an obligation of Her Majesty, you do not know the question that was asked or the context. And here is the big one, although the BC is acknowledged as a financial asset, do you know for sure why it is a financial asset or the type of or what makes it a financial asset?

I will say that the BC has no fixed value = no limitations on potential.

The artificial entity is your opposite so that you the opposite of it, the credit, by bonding with it allow for the OFFSET of any and all obligations of the legal name the instant one is born.

Something else you may appreciate knowing

 Depending on the circumstance the forgiveness of a debt may create a tax liability on the forgiven as forgiveness of a debt is considered by the Tax Dept as a taxable benefit. What can happen is this and is in fact happening to men and women.

A corporate creditor forgives a debt. The TAX man comes knocking for taxes owning as forgiveness of a debt is considered a taxable benefit.

The corporate creditor gets a tax credit and the registered name would get the corresponding tax liability under those circumstances, and one way or another, you’d bear the burden.

Now that is happening to people who do not know they are not the debtor (registered name) or that they are the source of credit for it. Nor are they using forgiveness.

The way to prevent such is to either be the first to give Notice of the forgiveness of the debtor (JOHN DOE) of its debt, or to do so immediately upon Notice that a corporate creditor has.

The act of forgiving the artificial person of its debts is the credit required to extinguish its debt. This is proven by the fact that when a corporate creditor forgives a debt, it enters a credit in the credit column on the books. It is that what the tax man acts on.

If there is a debtor there must be a creditor and vice versa. If there is a debt there must be a corresponding credit, counterbalance, somewhere. As the people do constitute the basis of all credit, you are the credit for the token given you to play the game in commerce. Once you set the record straight, you are in it, the game, the world, but not of it like the token, the artificial person JOHN DOE.

The thing is to get the artificial person/accounts into a perpetual state of ZERO; nothing above the line nothing below it, nothing in the credit column nothing in the debt column. ZERO is balance, is harmony, is equality, isness.

And that can only be accomplished one way; FORGIVENESS of existing debt owed you and the allowing of our energy/credit to flow freely. Debt can pay or extinguish debt. Paying a debt with debt money which is all we have right now, discharges the obligation for performance but there is still debt on books somewhere.  That is what holds the registered name in bondage and why we are a target. We need to free that name.

Taking any action other than an action that results in the extinguishment of debt is not freeing one from the box because it is not extinguishing debt. It is not addressing the underlying issue or helping to raise you above the limitations in the box.

The real simplicity of this is, and this is not the exact choice of words I’d use but makes the point. As you are a credit for not only the registered name (token) you use the play the game, but also the Game (Canada/USA), you hold the power to forgive and when you forgive your token (legal name/artificial person) of its debt to you, the government must do the same for it = ZERO.

At that point, and this is the objective, the artificial person, legal name recognized in law is no longer recognized as a debtor, it just is. When the man/credit/source (-) is bonded with the artificial person/debtor/beneficiary (+) there is can only ever be ZERO at point of sale/charge.

The bonding creates a situation that is like a pre-authorization to charge your credit to offset obligations of the artificial person/token. As we are not licensed to do the conversion of credit to legal tender, we must go through the game.

We have been saying or held the perspective that the government has the liability for the name appearing on or a name derived from a birth certificate/citizenship card, (e.g. JOHN DOE), and it does. But so do we in that, we have/are the credit and we must allow it to flow freely to cover for the obligations of the said name.

That is step two. Forgiveness being step one in order that the existing debts including the un-payable interest obligation can be extinguished on the account of the name, which only you can do.

It is debt on the names account and nothing more that has us in bondage, slaves to debt, appearing as human beings, and subjects of Her Majesty or citizens of Canada. Debt is what has us trapped and credit sets us free.

Claiming one is a human being with human rights or a son of God does not mean one is the credit for his/her token to play the game. And even if it does, have you properly addressed the matter of debt on the accounts of the token?

In fact I would say that men and women are known to be the credit for his/her token, but, not having heard from you in that status they are accounting for the value of the credit you have given your token, their child, as a debt owing. That is why your token is called a debtor. Because you have not freed it with your credit and so the debt owing is getting larger and the un-payable interest portion that must be charged and accounted for, the real culprit, is also getting larger and it is that right there why more and more pressure is being applied to the Nations and the people.

The administrators of the game are obligated to account for the interest on the debt owing by its token (legal name) for the energy/credit you have extended it and that Canada/provinces/U.S.A. is the ultimate beneficiary of.

And they will continue to do that until we forgive the debt and allow our credit to flow freely. This is how we get being perceived and treated as subjects, citizens, debtors, usurers, owners, tax payers and all other legal person personalities off our backs.

Don’t let all the mumbo jumbo above deter or confuse you. The above and more will be explained in simple terms so that when you leave the meeting, you will have and understand what to do and why so you can FINISH IT!

I Love You……….

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