Human Trafficking


 Human Trafficking

 Government man Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is at it again.

This time in regard of human trafficking.

We do not in any way condone or promote human trafficking but government does.

Perhaps those illegal traffickers are cutting into government human trafficking (buying and selling the souls of men) and they do not like the competition or, they want us to look at the wee human traffickers so we do not see government as the king of human trafficking.

Government compels the registration of births and issues birth certificates that are not evidence of the identity of the ones presenting them.  Read the legislation. We will pay $1000.00 to anyone who can show us in Vital Statistics legislation where it is indicated that a birth certificate is evidence or your identity.

Government compels men and women who work to do so in a name derived from the birth registration; the name appearing on a Social Insurance Card. That name is an artificial legal person and not the given name given you by your folks, therefore, these men and women are not, contrary to the facts, paid for their labour.

Then, at some time or another, under the authority of the Parliament of Canada or provincial legislatures, government through various means such as courts creates and attaches debt to those names, be it fines or taxes, and then says, go to work, get money, give it to us, or else.

In short, men and women are being forced to work for money (it is the only legal way to get money as we are not born with it) to pay debts created by or under the authority of the Parliament or legislatures (fines and taxes etc) and attached to names that are not our names and pay it over or else. Is that not a criminal offence; Extortion under 346 of the Canadian Criminal Code? Is this not slavery?

Toews promised to boost research and information-sharing on trafficking — a shadowy and often little understood crime in which vulnerable people effectively become slaves to those who use them for profit”.

Government sure has shadowed the truth all right.

Let us keep in mind here that the men and women constitute the basis of government credit.

Read the document posted on this blog under, People are the Creditor. We did not make this up, it is from the Parliamentary Library and we have certified copies from the Queens Printer.

In other words, without us on the hook to government through those registered names registered sometime after your birth, government would not exist or have any purchasing power. Zippo, nada bit. Nor would any other artificial entity for that matter but they have you believing you need them.

The fact none of us were asked if we mind or were informed of that, our labour/credit has been unlawfully pledged by and through our use of a name we do not hold legal title to but are led to believe is our name in that we own it.

Calling it a “despicable crime,” Toews cited a need for a comprehensive action plan on human trafficking, “particularly as the number of human traffickers and victims identified by police continues to grow.”

We agree completely with Mr Toews, this activity that the governments carry on and perpetuate is despicable and something should be done about it immediately.

Since the government is partaking in human trafficking and has been for decades, we would not trust it to do the right thing but we men and women can be the change we wish to see.

And this here from Toews; Perhaps the most high-profile example to date is the nine-year prison sentence meted out to the ringleader of a Hamilton trafficking operation in which unwitting victims were lured from Hungary to work in construction for minimal or no pay.

Now let us get this right. Vulnerable men and women, who have no clue that the name on the pay cheque and bank account is not their own name or property (nor is the money, house or car), go to work and the pay cheque is payable to a name of an artificial person registered by and with and that belongs to the government.

Government holds the legal title to those names as a result of the certification of your birth by your folks, the registration of the event of it (information) by government, and the issue of birth certificates that full legal title in does not pass to the recipient. We offer $1000.00 to anyone who can show us in the Vital Statistics Act where it is indicated full legal title in the birth certificate does pass to the applicant/recipient.

As a result, those men and women are not in fact paid for the work they do.

Is this not human trafficking for commercial purposes?

You may say, but I get to use the money and buy things. We agree but it does not change the fact that you own nothing that you buy in what you believe is your name and with what you believe is your money.

Render unto Caesar what is Caesars and do you see your picture on any money? Is it your identification you use or is it government’s identification you use?

Don’t believe us. Even though there is no law that prohibits you from using a name other than the one on or derived from a birth certificate, try to get a paying job using an unregistered name of your choosing. Try to have a bank account opened. Try to get a driver license or SIN Card or credit card or Passport etc.

They will not allow it and may say something like, this is to protect against fraud but that is not exactly the whole truth.

How the heck is it fraud for you to go to work and get paid in an unregistered name of your choosing? How the heck is fraud for you to deposit that money into a bank account opened in an unregistered name of your choosing? How the heck is it fraud to take that money and buy a home or car in an unregistered name of your choosing?

Read Psalms 118:8 in the Holy Bible and ask yourself. Why in the heck have I put my trust in men?

Now we adults have a choice here. To turn a blind eye and let the same that is being done to us be done to our babies, or get off our butts and take the appropriate action.

Join us please.

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