Government Is Not God

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 Government is not God.

Preamble for the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;

Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:

We see here that the Parliament of Canada acknowledges that Canada is not the almighty supreme power.

We Human Rights Defenders accept that all people are created by God, a God, or a Supreme Being or power. In any case that we are not creations of Canada, or a province, or the Parliament of Canada, or the legislature of a province; nor are we creations of Her Majesty the Queen in any right.

We Human Rights Defenders give our allegiance to our creator, by whatever name we/you call the creator, and not to Her Majesty the Queen or Her Majesty in any right.

To give allegiance to Her Majesty is to give allegiance to an ‘entity’ a ‘debtor’.

You want to see proof of that claim?

Read (below) from the Bank Act what is said in section 2 and ask: “do I really want to be allegiant with or a subject of artificial entities, debtors (dead)?”

First we must come to terms what a debt obligation is. In short, the issuer of a debt obligation is indebted, hence, the term ‘debtor’.

We cannot post here what a human being or man or woman is as defined in the Bank Act because there is no definition or meaning within section 2 of that Act or anywhere in it we could find that mentions the term human being or man or woman.

What is mentioned are the various capacities and roles that human beings can fill (or play) including ‘’person’ which can mean ‘natural person’ but even then, those capacities and roles are lower on the totem pole than human being, or man and women. This is due the fact that the terms ‘person’ and ‘natural person’ are defined which has the effect of limiting the power and authority of the role player.

A human being in capacity as a lawyer or banker is not when in those roles with the same capacity, power and authority as a human being who is a human being, or a man who is a man.

There is also a Maxim of Law that says, the created cannot be greater than or control the creator. In Mercantile Law the phrase: “the transferee of a bill acquires no greater authority than the transferor had at the time of transfer” has similar connotations. In other words, the recipient of a right, privilege, or authority, such as ‘person’ or ‘natural person’ cannot be greater than human being or control human beings because human beings created the term ‘person’ and ‘natural person’.

Put simply, first is the human being, man and woman, then came ‘person’ and ‘natural person’ who have limited power and authority and then came corporations. Furthermore, the term ‘person’ and the term ‘natural person’ are creations of and/or defined by the legislature.

A man may say to you he is a lawyer but that is not exactly true. What is true is that he is a man who does what lawyers do. Again we see first came man then came the term lawyer. Same goes for all other capacities, titles and roles such as doctor, police officer, electrician, judge, clerk, etc. It takes humans to play those roles and when in those roles the human being is not for all intents and purpose or purposes of law a human being. The human being under those titles is being something other than being a human.

Now let us look and see what the Parliament of Canada has to say about Her Majesty in their Bank Act:

debt obligation” means a bond, debenture, note or other evidence of indebtedness of an entity, whether secured or unsecured.

Keyword is ‘entity’.

 So let us read now what the Parliament says in the Bank Act what an ‘entity’ is:

entity” means a body corporate, trust, partnership, fund, an unincorporated association, or organization, Her Majesty in right of Canada or of a province, an agency of Her Majesty in either of such rights and the government of a foreign country or political subdivision thereof and any agency thereof.

You should also know that such entities are artificial, not real, not of nature, have no life and cannot and do not create one iota of anything from anything let alone creators or creditors, people do. So we know now as per the Bank Act that artificial entities issue debt obligations, have capacity as debtors, non-life, and that Her Majesty is an entity thus has capacity of a debtor. See page titled Scam. Although the author “Scam” mentions the United States, the same applies in Canada.

No where did we read here about human beings under either debt obligation or entity. You may wonder; how then is it possible that I have the term debtor imposed on me, a human being, by servants of Her Majesty, lawyers, and others, and how can I be indebted to Her Majesty, e.g. as a tax debtor, when Her Majesty not I has capacity as a debtor?

You have been and you are being hoodwinked is how.

Furthermore you may wonder, who the creditor is and as it is a fact that the banks do get their authority from the Bank Act, an act passed by the Parliament of Canada under the authority of the Constitution of Canada (the supreme law of Canada that indicates at section 9 that Her Majesty, a debtor, is the head of and over Canada); how can banks claim in good faith to be or act like a creditor of human beings?

The answer is, they are not creditors of human beings we are the creators/creditors and we have been hoodwinked. We are being robbed. For how this is being done, see the letterStanding up for Human Rights’ Also see H.R.D. Note: under Article 12 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Section 9 of the Constitution of Canada states; The Executive Government and Authority of and over Canada is hereby declared to continue and be vested in the Queen.

One more time: As artificial entities such as institutions formed by men are contrivances of the mind, they are in fact and in truth incapable of creating or producing anything of value. Obviously the labour/energy of the men and women (human beings) constitute the basis of all credit including government credit. See page titled: People are Creditor, taxes pay the bondholder.

 This is why we use the term deprivation of life (manhood/womanhood). By making you out to be or treating you as or the applying or imposing on you of a legal, artificial, fictitious person or personality, your state of being (natural capacity) diminishes from that of a living being (creditor) to that of a non-living or dead entity (legal capacity/debtor).

 One last thing with respect to the foregoing, if there are debtors, and it keeping with the Maxim, the created is not greater than and cannot control the creator; therefore, anything and everything created or licensed by or under the authority of or in the name of Her Majesty or authorized (licensed) to carry on business, such as corporations and all artificial, legal, and fictitious titles, persons and personalities, are the debtors.

Artificial entities have no life and are, for all intents and purposes, DEAD. We the people are the source of energy, the credit, which gives life to and sustains the system, the Matrix, Her Majesty, Canada, each and every province and each and every corporation and other fictitious things.

A final note: A lawyer is an Officer of the Court and the first duty of a lawyer is to the court and Her Majesty, not you.

If you have had enough of this mistreatment and misrepresentation in your life, want to see change and can forgive, we encourage you to take a stand by standing united with us.

Together we can be the change we want to see in the world and experience in our lives now.

You can express your support by adding your email address to the list of those willing to be: “People helping people” and you will be informed by email what you can do as a human rights defender.

We Love you!

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