Crime Does Pay

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 Crime and War do pay

 Is justice really about right and wrong?

Recently we heard Vic Toews claim that the government does not make criminals.

As reported by the Toronto Star in an interview with Vic Toews and Howard Sapers, Toes says federal prisoners will be charged more for room and board behind bars and according to Correctional Investigator Howard Sapers: “My point here is simply to say that crime does not, in fact, pay,” said Sapers.

We disagree, in that with the passing of more laws it is inevitable that laws will be offended and criminal borne as a result.

To put that into perspective and this is not about promoting lawlessness.

There was a time when there were no laws on any books, thus no law to offend.

Statistically speaking not very many so called crimes involve an injury or damage of human being or property.

Over time laws were passed that made what was once legal or lawful, illegal, an offence.

We do not dispute that there are bad people out there that do nasty things to other people, but, the truth is; very few criminal cases involve any damage or injury of a human being.

The operation of prisons is being turned over to private business enterprises by the government and one thing about private enterprise; they have a mandate, they must profit and grow or they go bankrupt.

To profit and grow requires customers and for the prison system the customer is known as the prisoner.

New super prisons are being built with private money and are an investment of the investor. Any good investor (shareholder) expects a return on his investment and these prisons have many beds to fill.

An empty bed is not good for business let alone a half empty prison.

The goal of any business is to maximize potential and grow.

In order to realize a return on investment there have to be sales of something. The sales we are talking about with respect to prisons are to sell us on the idea that we need more laws to protect us from ourselves.

The more laws that are on the books the greater the chance a law will be offended. That means money for the lawyers who draft the laws and prosecute and defend, court staff, law enforcement personnel, and of course, customers for the prison system and profits for the corporations operating them and let us not forget the financial rewards for the shareholder/investor.

After all, that is what business is about, profit, gain and growth. Crime does pay and pays big.

War is not much different.

While young men in the prime of their life are risking their lives and dying, to keep us safe and free they say, corporations that manufacture war machines reap huge profits and once again, other men, the shareholders sitting at home safe and sound, benefit.

If war is really about keeping the people and the country safe and free, then we suggest the corporations that build the war machines do so on a not for profit basis. We bet that if such was made law, there’d be few if any wars.

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