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Je viens de signer cette pétition — pourquoi pas toi?


A l’attention de: 1-Parlement du Canada, 2-Barreau du Canada, 3-Barreau du Québec, 4-Amir Khadir et Françoise David, Québec Solidaire, 5-Denis Coderre, PLC, 6-Tom Mulcair, NPD, 7-Maxime Bernier, Conservateur, 8-Assemblée nationale

Cette pétition est très importante et nécessite notre aide. Clique ici pour en savoir plus et signer:

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Response: By Hallow


This is a petition being sent to the Parliament of Canada.  It says free our money and void the Canadian debt.  Government has to respect its own law to create and control our money instead of borrowing it from private banks which results in a 93% interest built up debt which continues to build up at a rate of 100 000$ / minute in Canada. I’m not sure it’s being sent to the good people, but it is.

Hallow says,


My additional comments;

I have pondered this TYPE of action many times and where I am at is if government is given the ability once again to create money, to keep it in check that it does not create money for ill purposes, it is and must be done based on the energy / credit of the people, acknowledged to be the case, and that the money is used based on the will of the people and not poli-ticians. Further, for there to be no debt we must give of ourselves freely……..It is for not doing that and acting like debtors that we have this debt in the first instance.

When the government did long ago create money it created it backed by its gold for its business function. But once the gold ran out and we, our energy became the source or basis of all credit, that gave us a say as creditors how our credit is used but we have to know we are the basis of all credit including government and Her Majesty’s credit for that to be so, which by the suggestion of a petition to government that it take back the creation of money, is signification to this man that the petitions are ignorant of that.

As we men and women are the credit, the backers or credit; yes we can ask the government to take back the creation of money but also under our terms. Is that not how creditors act?

So for me it is pointless and perhaps dangerous to petition government to get back to creating money if there is no check mechanism in place to make sure it does not as I say abuse our credit as is happening now BUT WE HAVE A ROLE IN THAT for not acting that we back all credit, thus can decide the function and purpose of that what circulates as money.

Further, as I see it there is no need for such action. As it is our credit backing the money, we have control except we are acting like debtors. But that does not alter the fact the credit is our credit, and as it is our credit backing all credit including our tokens to play the game and we have not stepped forth as creditors, that is the cause if the debt. We need to act like the backers of all credit. A backer of credit is like dad co-signing on a loan. Dad may or may not set terms in the event dad is called upon to perform for the principal debtor.

In other words, if we give or petition the government the power to create money we may loose the control we have as creditors albeit in ignorance of that fact.

They still need our credit to create money as it is our credit that allows for it now. The only thing backing the money/credit is our productivity/energy and the resources of the earth. Do you want to give that control away unchecked?

We are the creditor and the credit is already intended for our use and benefit of the name that is part of the one Family, Canada, but we act like debtors or not know who we are.

Would you give me the authority to create money on your credit? Or, if I had your authority to create money on your credit would you not set terms of how I use or apply it? If not, think of the good or bad I can do with that money. I could end up owning everything including you. Specially if you are ignorant you are the creator/backer of the credit as we all I know have been, hence the aforesaid petition.

This is what in my view people would be asking the government to do if they ask or petition it to take back power to create money. The money backed by our energy / productivity / credit is not for us but the game (internal) and our token to use and play the game. Think Monopoly. The player owns nothing in the game but enjoys or should enjoy the game, not get wrapped up in winning or not. The player is the user of the token to play the game and the backer of the money used to play the game, not benefit himself but all those involved in the game. That is why they say, it is the credit of the people that constitutes the basis of all credit. It is our collective energy intended for all players, not just one or some of us.

If you authorized me to use your credit I would not be indebted to you. But what is going on now and why people maybe think getting the government to take back the power to create money, is due we do not know we are the actual credit or backers of the money / credit and that our energy / labour backs it. That is the cause of the debt folks. We are the source / backers of credit and do not need the government to create the money, unless as said above, we have control of and direct the purpose of it.

This system is divine made or plan and I sense that when God took the creation of money out of the hands of government God gave it to us, albeit we have to go through parties licensed to do the conversion so it can be accounted for. He gave us the opportunity for the first time in eons to be free of usurers, and from government rule by way or control of finances.

Now why in the heck would I want to give that to other men? Is that not a reason we are where we are. Putting our dependence on other men and institutions formed by men? Read and digest Psalms 118:8 in the Holy Bible.

In short, it seems people think we can turn things around or fix things by getting the government to take back the power from the banks to create money. It is not who creates the money that matters but whose credit backs it that matters. Mr Towers gave testimony to the Standing Committee on Banking and Commerce 1939 that the deposits with the bank are a liability of the bank. Liable to who, us! – the backers of the credit / money. The bank, contrary to perception, is not winning or the bad guy. Who but us asked for loans knowing full well or should know that there is, with the loan, an un-payable interest charge?

Claim of profits by the banks is actually our unclaimed credit (minus service fees for the conversion of credit to legal tender) that if we forgive the debt, it and the un-payable interest are extinguished! There is another application I will not get into here but to say we can gift the forgiveness to credit, extinguish all public debt. Forgive the principal sum and the interest cost disappears.

Since it is our credit that backs the money / legal tender and since it is the token for to play the game that is the intended recipient/beneficiary of it, and since we are ignorant of these facts, THAT IS THE CAUSE OF THE CREATION OF DEBT and interest charges and the only way to get rid of the debt, all of it, interest obligation included, is for us to forgive it. Only the creditor can do that and until we do, the debt remains.

So in my view and I stand firm on it, what we should be doing is not asking or petitioning the government to take back the power to create money, unless it is to convert our credit to cover for the tokens (registered legal names/artificial persons) we were given to play in the game.

Thing is, all of that is already in place and has been for a long time. We just do not see it that way. We come from a we are weak and they are strong perspective. They being artificial entities and we being the men and women; the backers of that what circulates as the money regardless of who creates it.

In short, the backer of the money is or can be if he knows he is the backer, the boss. As the boss he can decide what to do with it.

As the token is of and to serve the game of life and simultaneously the players through the same token, our credit is meant to fund the tokens journey and we enjoy the ride.

In other words, my credit can back the tokens purchase of a home that it owns but I get the use and enjoyment of it.

Before we get there though, we have to forgive the debts to clear them off the books and then go forth in the knowing we back the credit meant for our token to play the game. An additional benefit is that the creditor is the boss and is free from rule.


I love you and feel free to share this with whomever sent it to you what was sent to me…